Welcome to Peer Proofreading

Edinburgh University Students’ Association's secure proofreading service


Peer Proofreading is a system for peer feedback which encourages critical thinking by students hoping to improve their writing abilities. The system is confidential for student peers with access limited to matched pairs.

Becoming a Writer

When you register as a Writer you will be able to submit your own excerpts from essays and reports of up to 2000 words to be proofread.

You can make only 1 submission per semester. Once a new semester starts you will be able to submit a new proofreading request.

When you submit your excerpt, you will be able to delete your submission and upload something else as long as no proofreader has been assigned yet. Once a proofreader is found, the submission will be locked and it will no longer be possible to delete it.

Becoming a Proofreader

When you register as Proofreader you will be able to review the submitted excerpts by leaving comments to them for Writers to read.

You will be able to review up to 3 excerpts per semester. Once a new semester starts you will be able to review 3 new excerpts.

Once you register you don't need to do anything until you receive an email that a job has been found and assigned to you. You then will need to go to the proofreading part of the website and leave your comments for the Writer.

As soon as a job has been assigned you will have 2 weeks to finish reviewing the excerpt. Failure to do so will result in your account being suspended and staff notified.

Please use the links below if you wish to log in or register as either Writer or Proofreader. The registration is usually open during semester weeks 3-8 but is subject to change.